Vision Statement 

Our vision is to be a socially responsible health care, environmental, and safety organization providing education, consulting and research for the improvement of the community.

Mission Statement 

To continually determine the needs of the community, to promote the protection and sustainability of the health care professionals, environment, increase healthy living, prevent injuries and save lives.

We accomplish this mission by providing community awareness of current issues, improving on the training of healthcare professionals, growing to be a highly progressive and motivated company.
 PROVIDING THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SERVICE TO MEET OUR STUDENTS NEEDS ! and will  bring you up to date on-line training.  All training will be documented and students will receive a card as proof of valid completion.  For Customer Support call 1-888-360-TRNG.  Registered students may contact the online trainer for any questions,

 Providing You  Comprehensive, Quality e-Learning is Our Business                

Education  &  Career  e-Learning  Solutions 
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